This website is dedicated exclusively to the world-famous, hand painted porcelain produced by Le Tallec of Paris. For those who have not heard about this renowned atelier, we are pleased to include a concise history on the History page.

The Le Tallec story is fascinating and every piece created by the studio is unique, as each individual piece is hand painted and signed by the artist. Since the studio closed in 2014 no new pieces are produced, adding to the rarity of existing pieces and therefore to the demand for them as collectors become aware of the fine quality and investment potential.

The Shop link leads to our collection of Le Tallec items and links to our Etsy shop where many are available to purchase.

We are West Cornwall Antiques, based in Cornwall, England. Since we first became aquainted with Le Tallec porcelain we have sourced many fine pieces and we continue to add to our ever-growing collection.